This form includes sections for basic author information, abstract details, novelty assessment, and details about any previous publication. Authors can choose the novelty level and indicate if their work has been previously published, and if so, provide details about where it was published.

    Section 1 – Author Information

    Section 2 – Abstract Details

    Section 3 – Type of Contribution and Abstract Upload

    Section 4 – Abstract submission check list

    Please ensure that your abstract submission adheres to the following guidelines before finalizing your submission:
    • The title is capitalized with the first letter of each major word.
    • The title does not exceed 250 characters, including spaces.
    Author Information:
    • All authors are listed with names and surnames written according to the provided instructions.
    • Affiliations for each author are listed properly in accordance with the instructions.
    • The corresponding author is clearly marked.
    • The email address of the corresponding author is properly indicated.
    Abstract Content:
    • The abstract is no longer than 250 words.
    • References are not included in the manuscript.
    • The abstract is written in accordance with the provided instructions.
    • The abstract summarizes results, key findings, and includes a conclusion.
    By ensuring that your submission meets all the criteria above, you contribute to a smooth and efficient review process. Thank you for your attention to detail, and we look forward to your valuable contribution to our conference.

    Section 5 – Full paper publishing option – Proceeding

    Authors are kindly requested to indicate their interest in publishing their work as a proceeding in the Bulletin of the Chemists and Technologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Glasnik hemičara i tehnologa Bosne i Hercegovina) by clicking the relevant option during the submission process.